Rotarian Shane Jarabelo, Rotarian Tony Raphael, Assistant Principal Trevor Carenzo, Principal Tom Rummel, Rotarian Tita de Guzman, Rotarian Dolly Dalusong
The Rotary Club of Greater Chino Hills has partnered with the Michael G. Wickman Elementary School in Chino Hills to support the school's English Language Learner Program.  Through the initiative of Assistant Principal Trevor Carenzo, the Club approved funds to support this program.  On Wednesday afternoon, November 18, 2020, club members presented a check to Wickman Principal Tom Rummel and Assistant Principal Trevor Carenzo.

English Language Learners (ELL) refer to students with limited English proficiency when they enter elementary school.

Based on data found on the California Department of Education website for school year 2019-2020, Michael G. Wickman Elementary School had identified a total of 94 K-6 ELL students.  To put this in perspective, total K-12 identified ELL students statewide is 1,148,024, countywide is 61,403 and Chino Valley Unified is 2,866.

The Rotary Club of Greater Chino Hills is committed to supporting the education of Chino Hills' students, especially its ELL students.  This group of students deserve extra attention due to the challenges they face in understanding the English language, compounded with the rigorous curriculum that they are being asked to internalize.